D.F. Mulder2018/11/04


What The Constitution Might Look Like

In The White Ethnostate

The solution to the mass-migration problem is not abolishing democracy or instituting a fascist regime, it is simply creating an ethnogenetic definition of citizenship and sticking it directly into the constitution of the country. Basically, jus sanguinis on steroids, or the Israeli approach, or perhaps something like it. Essentially, you want to weave the racial character of the nation into the nation’s highest laws.

If you opt for a fascist regime, you are basically guaranteeing a tremendous human toll (a death toll and a toll on essential human liberties). The extreme measures accompanying fascism are also simply not necessary to achieve our goals. They may solve the problem of achieving ethnogenetic stability, but they are not necessary to solve it. Whereas if you simply install a monarch you have not solved the problem of mass-migration at all. After all, a dictator can open the borders just as completely as your “democratic representatives”. Indeed, he/she can arguably do so more easily, since a monarch is not at all accountable to the citizens (see the oil-rich Gulf States as an example of this). Many who fault democracy for the West’s open-borders policy forget that white, Western peoples had almost no say in this sordid process of their own ethnic cleansing.

Their minds have been under total control by anti-white Cultural Marxist oligarchs for a century now. The gate-keepers in the press and power structure have been hiding the truth from the people, and shaming and conditioning the people into accepting values that guarantee their own demise for so long, that to connect the current existential predicament the Western World faces with “democracy” is simply absurd. Westerners were not truly given a choice regarding their displacement and gradual removal on the idea-level or on the institutional-level. Each time the people tried to assert their desires and interests, the Cultural Marxist power structure used every illiberal tactic imaginable to prevent them from getting their way, from speech restrictions, to schemes to control nominations and other electoral processes, to heavily financed propaganda campaigns, to simply buying representatives to ensure they wouldn’t carry out the will of the voters. Democracy has never really been the problem.

There are many ways to go about incorporating principles which achieve ethnogenetic stability in a population/nation, into the law. A draft constitutional amendment might read something like this:

Amendment X:

I) All children naturally born of two citizen parents shall be granted automatic citizenship upon birth (jus sanguinis).

II) All white individuals the world over (those native to the European continent or who can trace virtually all of their ancestry to the European continent) are eligible for citizenship, subject to approval by the federal courts.

III) The natural offspring of one citizen and one non-citizen, born within the territorial boundaries of the republic, shall be granted automatic citizenship when both parents are white, or when the non-citizen parent is a legal resident and not of an ethnoracial origin or cultural background abhorrent to the fundamental character of the republic.

IV) Children born to an illegal alien parent (or two illegal alien parents) within the territorial boundaries of the republic, shall not receive citizenship, no matter the facts or circumstances of the particular case, if either parent is of a racial origin or constitution abhorrent to the fundamental character of the republic.

However, if this is not so (if neither parent is of a racial constitution or a cultural background abhorrent to the fundamental character of the republic), the offspring may be granted citizenship subject to the approval of federal courts and naturalization laws, so long as the prospective citizen serves honorably in the armed forces, and endures a probationary period of significant duration, totaling no less than five and no more than ten years, whereby his/her suitability for citizenship in the republic is carefully scrutinized.

V) All adjudicated determinations relating to racial or cultural suitability for citizenship shall be final and not subject to appeal. However, those granted citizenship or provisional citizenship may have their citizenship or provisional citizenship revoked or rescinded within twelve years of the original ruling. Nevertheless, there shall be no judicial or formal appeals process. Rescission can only be achieved by executive order or action. Thus, after a ruling adverse to the government’s case, the government must appeal directly to the president to rescind court approval for citizenship. However, only approvals for citizenship may be overridden this way. Rejections on the grounds of cultural or racial unfitness may not be overridden by anyone, not even the president.

VI) No mass-migration of people shall ever be permitted to enter the republic by the border, by air, by water, or by any other means, even with apparent governmental consent. If any sitting president shall allow a large body of people to enter the nation, numbering in excess of .125% of the total population of the nation (in the aggregate, which is to say all refugees, asylum seekers, legal immigrants, visa recipients, etc. combined) in any five year period (even if some of this period began before the president’s term), the president shall be in dereliction of his duties as the people’s chief representative, and shall be immediately removable by law. He may be removed by a vote of a mere 1/4 of Congress or by a vote of a mere 1/4 of the public in a plebiscite. Both votes shall be mandated/ordered by the Supreme Court of the nation, upon legal action taken by any member of Congress to remove the President by vote, and by a showing in open court via a preponderance of the evidence, that the President is in violation of this article (Article VI of Amendment X) of the constitution. This amendment shall be construed to mean that even legal inflow or inflow pending legalization (which is to say any type of human inflow) into the country must by law occur at a pace slower than a number equivalent to .125% of the total population per five year period.

*Melanesians, Arabs (ethnic Arabs, not mere cultural Arabs), Sub-Saharan Africans, and peoples native to the Americas (or those with significant Native American ancestry) shall all be considered racial populations abhorrent to the fundamental character of the republic.*

**The term “cultural background” is broad and is meant to encompass religion, ideology, worldview, customs, values, etc. Muslims of every stripe and Marxists of every stripe (communists, Cultural Marxists, socialists, et al.) shall all be considered cultural backgrounds abhorrent to the fundamental character of the republic.**

***The backgrounds and origins of peoples here listed as cultural backgrounds and racial origins abhorrent to the fundamental character of the republic are fixed in law, and legally binding upon the courts as populations abhorrent to the fundamental character of the republic. However, these short lists shall not be considered in any way complete and exhaustive lists of cultural backgrounds and racial origins abhorrent to the fundamental character of the republic. The federal courts and the national congress can and should add to and augment these lists of excluded peoples and backgrounds in order to preserve the fundamental character of the republic.***

A constitutional amendment that looked like this would solve the mass-migration crisis confronting the Western World. Of course, strong borders and a bit of savagery wouldn’t hurt either, but the point is you don’t need to abolish democracy to achieve the goals of the Alt-Right. The problem we currently face is not the result of a flaw or weakness inherent to democracy itself. Actually, it’s really a matter of inartful legal drafting, to be perfectly honest. However, if whites do someday manage to break free from the anti-white Marxist lunatics who today lord over them, consider this blog post an outline for how to do it right the next time around.

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