D.F. Mulder2018/11/11


If Not For Double Standards

The Left Would Have No Standards At All

Jim Acosta did not assault a White House intern. However, he did, as Sarah Sanders tweeted, “get physical” with her, in the sense that there was physical contact caused by Acosta’s aggressive attempt to retain control of the microphone as she reached for it. Acosta was being rude and insolent, trying to monopolize the microphone after his turn was up, and denying his colleagues an opportunity to speak. Moreover, the intern was not in the wrong to try to wrest it from him. After all, it was the White House’s microphone, not Acosta’s, and the President had repeatedly stated it was time to proceed to the next questioner.

Nonetheless, despite what those on the right and the left would have you believe, the dissension and debate surrounding this little affair are not about battery, or Trump’s imaginary assault on the free press, which is neither free from government influence, ideological bias, or corporate co-option. The dissension and debate are really about the media’s duplicitous coverage of everything that happens in America.

That is also what the NFL kneeling hullabaloo was about. It wasn’t about disrespecting the flag or the police or the military. I mean, it was about that, but not really, not at the most basal level (partially because righties generally have no problem with offensive speech). What it was really about was ordinary Americans being fed up with the double standards. When football owners or players offend the fragile sensibilities of coastal elites and non-whites, the NFL is perfectly willing to crack down on the speech of owners or players via a rather heavy hand, but when owner or players offend the far more durable sensibilities of righties and whities, and degrade the things Middle Americans cherish, suddenly the NFL’s censorship department goes timid and mum.

The NFL punishes and curtails the free speech of “haters” (anyone the left disagrees with), righties and whities regularly (remember when it disallowed the Cowboys’ pro-cop helmet decals?). The NFL is only committed to free speech when that speech is for the “right causes” (i.e. causes based upon mathematical illiteracy and leftist delusions of persecution). However, if you penalize those who speak up for the supposed wrong cause, or restrict the speech of those who stand on the supposed wrong side of an issue or of history, you do not believe in free speech at all (That punishment/penalty can come from the government or from any other entity with the power to punish. Freedom of speech is not merely a legal value, it as a moral principle, which extends well beyond the bounds of the law and government power). Sadly, scant few institutions, sports leagues, or major corporations in America still believe in free speech anymore, which does not bode well for American democracy.

The NFL has routinely shown itself quite willing to restrict speech to grow profits or to burnish its image or to advance leftism or to protect the feelings of the left’s pet minority groups, so long as it was restricting the wrong causes, i.e. those of the “oppressor”. But suddenly it was willing to hemorrhage a third of its viewership on the altar of defending the free speech of radical black communists? It’s absolute madness, but it reveals something important about corporate censorship, namely that here in the West, corporate censorship is primarily about ideology, not profit. Ideology trumps profit almost every time. Sometimes ideology and profit go hand in hand, but when they don’t, Cultural Marxist ideology tends to win out, as it did in the NFL kneeling case.

Indeed, the NFL kneeling debacle reveals the underlying political agenda of corporations that crack down on rightist speech under the pretense of corporate profits. Corporations are generally willing to restrict rightist speech even when the words of players have had zero demonstrable effect on actual profits. They typically do so well before those world could even have had any negative commercial effect. As is likely the case with the Broward County vote counting mischief, the left likes to hide behind arguably legitimate justifications for what is really pure politics. Corporations consistently crack down on the speech of righties and whities because they want to, because it advances Cultural Marxism. Broward County election officials engage in electoral shenanigans because they want their left-wing allies elected. The left simply hides behind neutral or noble principles, like protecting corporate profits or ensuring every vote is counted, to advance its sick agenda. The justification, however, is always a front, never the cause.

The incident involving Acosta is actually quite similar to the Corey Lewandowski - Michelle Fields incident that occurred a few years back. In both cases there was a little bit of physical contact. Neither case was a genuine instance of criminal battery, however. Nevertheless, Acosta’s banishment from the White House was not really about battery. It was about his egregious breach of journalistic decorum, his refusal to behave respectfully, to cede the floor, his insolence, how far he was willing to take this laughable charade of #resistance to Trumpian fascism (a fascism which isn’t real, mind you). Acosta was banished for being a total dirtbag, not because he actually battered a White House intern, and nobody has ever been more deserving of White House excommunication.

However, observe how differently the media has treated these two events. Observe the double standards at work, as they are at work when Big Tech or any other corporate sector is silencing and censoring righties and whities versus the way major corporations and the press deal with the speech of non-whites and leftists. The pseudo-assault involving Acosta is treated as proof that Trump is a fascist. The pseudo-assault involving Lewandowski was also treated as proof that Trump is a fascist. In other words, no matter what actually happens, it is proof that Trump is a fascist according to the lying press. Lewandowski was called a megalomanic and a misogynist for touching Fields' arm, and his conduct supposedly proved that Trump was an incompetent manager, and that his campaign team was a gang of right-wing Brownshirts. As for Acosta? Well, he’s just a poor victim of Trumpian megalomania.

Americans just want a fair shake. They want consistent treatment for similar conduct. The problem is, you never get that under hard-left regimes. The left only cares about advancing its cause. It doesn’t care how much corruption and criminality, or how many double standards it has to employ, to advance that cause. So long as Americans live under the yoke of these insane Cultural Marxists, they will never get a fair shake, and they are rapidly beginning to understand that. Their own wrongs (the wrongs of whites, christians, the wealthy, etc.) will always be aggressively prosecuted, publicized, amplified, and offered up as proof to the masses of their deep moral turpitude, and the wrongs of their ideological adversaries (Acosta, Antifa, BLM, statue-smashers), those allied with the Cultural Marxist power structure, will always be condoned by MSM propaganda outlets, excused by law enforcement, and somehow justified by the powers that be, no matter how extreme or unconscionable those wrongs are. Nothing will really change until we are delivered as a people from this deranged power structure.

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