D.F. Mulder2018/11/20


What Happened To Civil Discourse In America?

It has become quite clear that American society is spiraling out of control. Our political culture in particular has become markedly toxic and polarized. Nobody seems to have a damned clue why that is, but what it really comes down to is almighty “diversity”, the left's godhead.

Diversity has dissolved the historic American nation. White Americans, whose values and heritage once defined the American nation, are being swallowed up by hordes of Third World peoples, peoples with different values, interests, and politics than white Americans. This all has been made possible by Cultural Marxist Western oligarchs who have weaponized anti-white hatred, and are waging a racial war for their own interests against the founding stock of the Republic.

You might say some of some of this is not inevitable, that this kind of political breakdown doesn't necessarily follow from “diversity” itself, and while you'd be technically correct, much of the breakdown and chaos we are now observing in American politics is nevertheless far more probable in highly diverse societies. Diversity creates the conditions for this kind of social, moral, intellectual, and political breakdown to occur.

You see, societies that are already divided are easy to divide further. Racial divisions are some of the deepest. You can gloss over them with Marxist palliatives and saccharine slogans, but race matters, it divides people, it influences people's thinking, it influences individual identities and even group norms, it also undermines both meritocracy and ethical objectivity. And that is to say nothing of the actual underlying genetic differences between human populations, which are not as small as our Cultural Marxist overlords would let on. Nor does it say anything about the fact that populations are generally less altruistic toward out-ethnics, and more likely to exploit them in illegal and unconscionable ways. People in diverse societies tend to get a palpable sense of the widespread parasitic exploitation (think: pornography) and racial animosity (think: racially driven mass shootings) floating around them like spring pollen, whether they want to get a sense of it or not.

The political left knows how to exploit race and racial grievance to great effect and it does so regularly, because racial divisions are there to exploit. Doing so is an extremely easy and effective electoral strategy. Trump seems to understand this intuitively, despite the fact that he only exploits racial grievance implicitly. The Cultural Marxist left, on the other hand, does so openly, brazenly and continually. Yet as it does, the media continues to pretend that Trump is the great divider, solely responsible for polarizing the nation, and the only one who plays racial politics with bad intentions. The white-haters and racial agitators who comprise the modern political left are all saints keen on correcting the supposed wrongs of history. They don't have any ignoble or racist intentions of their own. They don't want power, privilege, or wealth for themselves and their progeny, they're just impartially interested in social justice! Obviously!

Leftist intellectuals have been claiming “race isn't real” and “race doesn't matter” for decades. Yet when it comes time to stick it to whitey or to redistribute resources, leftists always seem to, deep down, almost instinctively know that race does matter and that it is quite real. At its core, anti-racism was always more of a psy-op than anything else. What our Cultural Marxist overlords were always really saying was: “whitey, race must not and should not matter to you, but it's sure as hell going to continue to matter to us”. Without white-hatred the left has nothing. It is the glue that binds Muslims and feminists together in the same political coalition. Anti-racism as a moral ideal was a way to disarm whites while the left went to work deconstructing white, Western civilization. The diabolical left's work is now mostly complete.

By sowing mistrust, undermining governmental competence and integrity, and by making all of American politics into both a racial head count and a tribal battle for government advantages, goodies, and perquisites, diversity has begun to crowd reason out of American democracy. Diversity breeds tribalism, and a tribal society doesn't have time or space for reason. Instead, factions are focused on their own tribal needs and prejudices. They don't have the ability or the luxury to think clearly or objectively about anything. So, if American politics looks increasingly raw and visceral, that's because it is.

People are hunkered down in their own foxholes. That should be obvious for most to see at this point. People aren't simply ideologically and informationally insulated and isolated however, that insulation is so extreme in some cases that it has begun to give rise to dangerous forms of zealotry. Much of the committedly Marxist left now believes that anything the right argues is inherently illegitimate. They don't merely want to insulate themselves from opposing views, they want to insulate the whole world from them, like good totalitarians. The left is aggressively and illiberally laboring to acquire a monopoly on ideas, because their ideas aren't really competitive in a free market. The problem is, that attitude on the left makes genuine democracy impossible, which is why the UK and Sweden are democracies in name only. In reality, these are medium firmness Cultural Marxist totalitarian states, where real dissent from the state religion / official ideology (diversity) has been criminalized, not just in fact, but in law. It isn't enough for the left to shame people who hold rightist ideas or ideals anymore (not that this was ever OK). Most on the left now earnestly believe that anyone with a dissenting view on race or sex or gender or sexual preference should be persecuted outright. That means they should be fired from their jobs, denied basic market or even governmental services, assaulted in the streets, that they should receive no protection from law enforcement, and they should be denied the ability to exercise their fundamental rights by violent, roving mobs of Neo-Bolsheviks (Antifa).

People who are hunkered down in their own foxholes, in dysfunctional societies where government extracts much from the people but represents them in only the most marginal sense, where resources are increasingly scarce and too many of them go to the wealthy and well-connected, those people don't think rationally, they can't think rationally. In other words, the political left has unleashed a spiritual, cultural, and racial Category 6 hurricane on America under the banner of diversity, the almighty god of the modern political left.

That hurricane is devouring everything in its path. When whites were 90% of the population, they had the luxury to mull over the merits of issues. Now that they are under 60% of the population, and one major political party has devoted itself to their racial destruction and dispossession, they no longer have that luxury. Whites are also beginning to understand that non-whites are simply going to vote as a cohesive unit, for their own racial interests, so what's the point of even debating? Whites are starting to think like a besieged [minority] population, and the non-whites with increasing political power and capital have never been interested in defending, let alone engaging in, open, unfettered, reasoned debate. So, the non-white, anti-white left isn't interested in reasoned debate, and whities and righties can no longer afford it. But where reason is outlawed, impossible, or impracticable, democracy can not really exist. Democracy depends upon reason (and speech), and unfortunately, there is simply very little reason left to be found in our political discourse (or free speech for that matter). And with California Democrats threatening to nuke the heartland, don't expect things to turn around anytime soon. The American Republic's days may be numbered.

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