D.F. Mulder2018/12/02


Free Market Fundamentalism Is Not Conservatism

Market fundamentalism is not conservatism. In some social and cultural contexts, market fundamentalism can be downright revolutionary. The conservative establishment's obsession with free markets and economic concerns is both foolish and not what it purports to be, namely genuinely conservative.

If we examine the record and history of conservatism carefully, we will quickly discover that the ideology of laissez faire capitalism was always a means to an end. Early conservatives defended free markets because the idea was that if government did not meddle in markets, people would be free to make free decisions as free people, and thus traditional culture and traditional mores would not be disturbed.

Unfortunately, the premises underlying this argument are false, and have always been false. This absolutistic pro-market position presumes that markets can't be ideological all on their own, either because powerful market players are imposing an ideology upon the market, or the state of the law is directly or indirectly imposing an ideology on the market. The problem is, real markets, as opposed to theoretical markets, can indeed be highly ideological, especially when the rich and the powerful use their wealth and power to keep ideological adversaries down and out. Sure, market forces have a tendency to suppress ideology, but they don't typically root it out, especially when it is systemic, legally enforced, or being driven by the ethnic or ideological biases of the masses (consumers) or dominant market players.

Another faulty premise underlying this pro-market position is that society is stable. This is an unsafe presumption in many contexts. Western society is not stable. It is highly unstable, indeed accelerating toward collapse in all likelihood. When societies are stable, keeping your hands off the market may indirectly be preserving a people and conserving their traditions. However, when societies are unmoored, keeping the government's hands off the market may be permitting society to continue its wayward drift, it may be enabling corporate tyranny, widespread censorship, sexual exploitation, social degeneration, or an oligarchic assault on democracy. When society itself is in revolt against tradition, keeping your hands off of the market may be inadvertently enabling its revolution against the former values of that society.

This is all not to say that respect for market forces isn't important, or that we shouldn't be highly cynical about the goodness of power structures and their social engineering programs. Both of these values are good values to possess, to preserve and to defend, but there are other values in America worth preserving and defending. We must not mistake market fundamentalism for “conservatism”. Their relationship is far more tenuous than many normie-cons, neo-cons, and others pretending to represent righties and whities, would have you believe.

In recent years, the supposed free market here in the West (it is not really all that free if we consider government-imposed diversity quotas, widespread regulations, subsidies, bailouts, and cronyism) has revealed itself to be extremely hostile to white people, to traditional Western values and ideals, to free speech, and to essential liberties. It is hard to see how letting the market tread upon Americans is fundamentally different than letting the government do so. Censorship is as wrong when gigantic corporations do it as when governments do it, and ideological/political discrimination is always an indefensible assault on freedom of conscience, and a far graver threat to American democracy than race or sex discrimination, not to mention a sharper deviation from traditional liberal (Western) ethics as well.

Those who fellate markets in times like these are as much the enemy of the American people and American traditions as the Cultural Marxists themselves. Standing on the sidelines while the left destroys the West is to effectively facilitate the left's war on the white race and Western civilization. Refusing to regulate the bigoted leftist oligarchs who run Big Tech while they systematically silence those of us on the right for purely ideological reasons, is itself a form of virtue signaling. It is throwing up one's hands in surrender and refusing to fight back. It is a face of nobility covering a heart of cowardice.

The free market is not conserving much of anything in America. Indeed, in many cases it is clearly helping to rapidly transform America into something deeply undesirable and completely unrecognizable. So then pray tell, how could free market fundamentalism be truly conservative?

-D.F. Mulder

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