D.F. Mulder2019/01/08


Ocasio-Cortez: The Hugo Chavez Of North America

Jennifer O’Connell, columnist over at the Irish Times, thinks recently-elected American congresswomen weeping and dancing in the Capitol Building is refreshing, “touching” even. She thinks it is a clear upgrade from Trump’s macho politics, and for an institution she describes as too “pale, male, and stale”. Yeah, the left doesn’t hate white people, in particular white men. Nah, not at all.

I don’t mean to suggest in this article that there is anything wrong with showing genuine emotion upon being sworn into Congress or dancing your heart out on some city rooftop in college. There isn’t. There really isn’t. Frankly, I find a lot of the the criticism of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez emanating from the political right, to be both petty and unfortunate. This is not to say that many or most conservatives were really outraged by Ocasio-Cortez’s college dancing video. There is a fair chance that the supposed conservative outrage regarding this event was entirely fictive, which is to say spun out of whole cloth by the lying press in order to manipulate the public.

I also don’t think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a bad person. The truth is, she has a bright political future. There is a long and growing list of low-IQ people in America, easily taken in by charismatic charlatans promising easy fixes for complex problems. Ocasio-Cortez actually has a lot of the same qualities Hugo Chavez had. She is extremely likable and engaging, arguably even a demagogue in the making. I even find myself liking her most of the time. I would not be at all surprised if she was elected President in ten or twenty years. People are clearly drawn to her delightful personality.

Nevertheless, there is one thing that is really starting to nettle me about her, and it is this: Ocasio-Cortez strikes me as a person who has always gotten by on her cuteness and charm. The force of her personality has gotten her places she could never dream of getting on intellect alone. That is sort of the scary, sickening thing about her. It is as if she has never really learned anything anywhere, because she’s never had to. I mean, this is a woman who minored in economics at Boston University, yet self-identifies as a socialist. She is a Congresswoman who doesn’t seem to know the first flippin’ thing about basic government function. She is a one-trick magician: tax more, spend more, and voila. It’d be humorous if it wasn’t. Ocasio-Cortez has a gravely serious job, but she simply isn’t a serious person.

I’ve never heard her say anything interesting or profound on any subject, ever. She is a textbook ideologue with a pretty superficial understanding of every single issue she broaches. She appears to think all of life is a playground of some sort, or perhaps a nightclub. She has no appreciation whatsoever for the gravity of the role she finds herself in, or the sacred institutions she is skipping through. And while it’s all fine and well for you and I to know that socialism isn’t a serious idea-system, the truth is, half the country doesn’t appear to understand that anymore.

Maybe America’s economic prowess has rendered too many of us spoilt, foolish, insulated from the causticity of genuine poverty and hardship. In other words, maybe capitalism has been so successful in America that we just don’t appreciate how good we have it. Maybe America is fated to adopt some grotesquely idiotic, extremely destructive left-wing policies before we can really hope to come to our senses and purge the nation of the excesses and absurdities of Marxist thought (Marxist thought extends well beyond the realm of zany economic theorizing, by the way). The people of Brazil, and especially their new president, would know precisely what I’m talking about here.

The point is, dancing in the halls of Congress could perhaps be described as “refreshing” or “adorable”, that’s true. Or it could be described as unseemly or even beneath the dignity of the office. In any case, maybe I’ve just gotten old and stuffy (I’m only two years older than her though, at 31), or maybe I’m reading too deeply into a few isolated events. Nevertheless, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say it looks as if we have children running the country, a country mind you with some pretty serious problems before it… and that’s not cute, it’s terrifying.

-D.F. Mulder

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