D.F. Mulder2019/02/08


Trump's SOTU Laid Out A Plan For Certain Defeat

Trump is on track to get absolutely decimated in 2020. Decimated. MAGA defectors are piling up, slowly but surely. Trump also no longer has a meme army behind him. Both the Alt-Right and the Alt-Lite, which is to say the youth, think he is a more douchey, sex-addled version of Jeb Bush. Yet far too many normiecons (everyday conservatives) are completely blind to this reality. Trump can not win in 2020 running only on the power of a few crusty boomer-con talking points, and the battery in Charlie Kirk’s vibrator. Drastic things will have to be done to change the trajectory he is on.

Sadly, however, Trump’s State Of The Union address did not signify drastic change. If Tom Brady is your quarterback, you don’t want change. You want things to stay the same, forever. The same is true if he is your son-in-law. And he could have been Trump’s son-in-law, but he’s not. With Brady you win, with Kushner you lose. It’s as simple as that.

If Trump really desires to serve a second term, he has to stop caving to Pelosi and get the wall up. That was his signature campaign promise. He probably won’t win even if he gets the wall up, but if he doesn’t, he’s dead in the water. Blaming the swamp or the establishment (artful deflection) won’t work for him when it comes to that issue. He may think his base is stupid or forgetful, but we’re not. Nevertheless, I sincerely doubt he will get it up. He looks old, will-less and defeated. The neocons have ground him down to orange pulp. Stormy Daniels probably couldn’t even help him get it up at this point.

I still can’t understand why it wasn’t built/funded during the first half of this term, while Republicans had majorities in both houses. The only explanation I can come up with is that the GOP establishment doesn’t want the wall to be built, and desperately wants to see Trump lose come 2020. The GOP establishment, and especially the Cultural Marxist oligarchs that fund the GOP, hate Trump and everything he represents (especially the implicit white racial consciousness he encourages). They want to see him lose in 2020, so they can claim he lost because he’s a racist (when he really lost because he governed largely as a Bushite, adopting nearly all of the unpopular policies which made “W” so widely loathed), before declaring the official end of the Trump Era. That way they can go back to business as usual, which is to say robbing, terrorizing, and enserfing Americans while they feed us absurd counter-factual platitudes about freedom, prosperity, and American exceptionalism.

I can’t help but think that the widespread enthusiasm for his State Of The Union speech is driven by the same people and the same agenda. Everyday conservative know-nothings are being led by the nose down the road to perdition by those who have no regard for their interests and want Trump to lose resoundingly in 2020. Little Benny Shapiro called Trump’s SOTU address “the strongest speech of his presidency”. All this new-found adulation is for something, that’s for sure. Major media outlets (pseudo-con outlets included) know Trump is headed for defeat and they want to keep him on that track. They can do so by talking about how presidential he seemed, and how he is wooing non-whites, and how toning down the anti-immigrant rhetoric is a political winner, and all that nonsensical propaganda, when the truth is, he’s in bad shape and they know it, and they like it that way. Or maybe, just maybe, they simply like what he’s doing because he’s governing like a puppet of the Cultural Marxist oligarchy and they support that kind of governance. It’s hard to say, but it’s a really bad omen either way.

Trump trying to prove that he really cares about blacks by droning on about black unemployment figures is just painful to watch. It looks a lot like when white leftists shackle themselves and get on their knees and sob before black strangers while begging to be forgiven for their great-great-great-grandfather Elmer’s sins. Groveling and pandering like this is pitiful and unseemly. When did Kekistan become Cuckistan?

88% of those who voted for Trump were white. 88%. White. That means a full 7/8 of Trump’s support is from white Americans alone. Roughly 1% of Trump’s support comes from the black community. 1%! So why all the focus on the interests of non-whites? Why isn’t he talking about white employment numbers or what he is doing to combat the opioid crisis devastating white communities all over America? We are his damned base. We put him in office. We put him there to represent us, not the Military Industrial Complex, not felons, not celebrities, not Big Tech, or corporate America, with its unslakable appetite for cheap labor, not Israel, not Holocaust survivors, us! Who does this orange clown think he is in Washington to represent anyway? He can’t win in 2020 by appealing to the black demographic or the Holocaust survivor demographic. Less than a quarter of Jewish voters supported this man in 2016. Only 8% of black voters did. 84% of blacks think Trump is an irredeemable “racist”. What does he hope to accomplish by droning on about black unemployment? Does he think Lebron James is going to visit the White House and shine his big red shoes or something?

Then, to add insult to injury, this buffoon actually said he wants immigrants to come to America “in the largest numbers ever”. He actually said that. Except he won the Republican Primary by sounding off about restricting immigration. That’s arguably why he won the election as well. We, his base, do not want more immigrants. We want fewer immigrants. A lot fewer. We want fewer immigrants from the 3rd World. We want a Muslim ban. We want less unskilled immigration. Many of us even want less skilled immigration. We want less immigration, period. That’s what the wall is supposed to be about. Sure, it’s about keeping out illegals, but it’s also a symbol for and interwoven with immigration restrictionism, tight borders and higher standards for entry, and keeping unassimilable foreign populational groups out of our communities (especially those populations that are particularly prone to violence and terrorism, and that hate us on account of our race and religion). If we wanted to live in places that look and feel like Iraq or Venezuela or the Congo, we’d move there. The Western World can be destroyed by mass-scale legal immigration just as surely as it can be destroyed by mass-scale illegal immigration. Our great leader doesn’t seem to comprehend this fact.

Moreover, continuing to import more immigrants, 90% of whom are non-white, whether legally or illegally, is not a good electoral strategy for the political right. Georgia, a state in the Deep South, is about one decade away from permanently flipping over to the Democrats. Texas is about two decades away. Texas for heaven’s sake! When Texas goes, Republicans will basically be shut out of the presidency permanently. Furthermore, this all is due almost entirely to demographic transformation. Arianna Huffington would likely make a better adviser to the President than his imbecilic wimp of a son-in-law.

Look, it doesn’t bother me to watch the GOP establishment and the mainstream media direct Trump off a cliff. I expect that. They want to see him crash and burn. They hate Trump just as much as they hate white christian middle-Americans, like the Covington kids. But to see everyday righties cheer and congratulate Trump as he lays out a plan for certain defeat… I have to admit, that’s a little harder to take. Maybe conservatives are guilty of overoptimism, or perhaps they just don’t want to appear disloyal to their team or their leader; either way, 2020 is shaping up to be devastating for them. No declaration of a national emergency to build the wall, but an ambitious initiative to eliminate HIV in America? At Trump’s State Of The Union address? Ha! It may as well have been Kamala Harris’s inauguration.

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