D.F. Mulder2019/02/27


They Want To Put Us In Camps

We live in strange times here in America, punctuated by total tyranny coupled with great abundance. The people don’t dare revolt, contented and entertained as they are, but, I mean, does any sane person seriously believe we are a free people anymore? How could anybody seriously believe that?

Kaitlin Bennett, gun-loving conservathot, visited UCLA last week. She carried around a petition in support of placing Trump supporters in camps. Yes, you read that correctly. A very large percentage of the students she approached signed the petition. Some didn’t like the term “camps” and preferred “reeducation facilities”. Others were hesitant, but most basically went along. The banality of evil, I guess. Yet the right’s response to the video is even more alarming. It seems half the country wants to put us in camps, yet many on the right seem to think this is some sort of fringe minority, that the threat is imaginary, that America is still great. It’s not and it’s not and it’s not. While Americans talk casually of putting millions of their fellow citizens in camps, those who will be put in camps (whites, christians, etc.) seem oddly disconnected, even indifferent to this gravely serious threat. Perhaps they can’t be bothered with threats like this when the final season of Game of Thrones is so near.

America ceased being great a long, long time ago. It ceased being free a long, long time ago as well. Most Americans confuse material abundance with governmental legitimacy and genuine human liberty. There is little relation between these matters. In fact, many totalitarian, completely despotic, perfectly undemocratic nations around the globe, feed their people quite well. Not all do, but many do. Consider many of the gulf states (Qatar, UAE) or China or Saudi Arabia or Iran. Yes, there are many totalitarian states run by mad dictators where people go hungry, but there are just as many that are materially quite well off. There is no direct relationship between material abundance and liberty. Most modern Western nations prove that you can have material abundance and yet little, if any, democracy. The American government (along with other Western governments) is actually deliberately replacing its people with more servile, low IQ, third world peoples, yet we call this government legitimate and liberal and democratic. It is laughable.

This is not to say that all is well here in America when it comes to material matters, including basic sustenance. Countless Americans are out on the streets living in tent cities, veterans included. It is true that few Americans are starving, but not many are thriving. Deaths of despair (opiate addiction, suicides) and other social ills are pervasive, including sexual and economic exploitation (pornography, prostitution, predatory lending, payday loans, et al.). While Americans struggle enormously, big banks and multinational corporations buy up more and more of the government and the economy, even though if capitalism really functioned in America, most of those banks and corporations would have been wiped out during the last financial crisis.

America itself is admittedly somewhat economically free and fairly economically well-off (I use the term “somewhat” because the US economy is a lot less free, upward mobility a lot more constrained, meritocracy a lot more illusory, and the game far more rigged than most let on, and I use the term “fairly” because although America has ample wealth, it is distributed in such a way that ordinary people really only enjoy that ample wealth in the most trivial and tangential of ways). However, our government doesn’t seem to be responsive to our votes, demands, or interests at all. In fact, it ignores us constantly. We voted for a wall and a Muslim ban. We got Jared Kushner and “more legal immigrants than ever before”. It doesn’t seem like our votes can change anything, because they can’t. We basically have zero influence over what the fundamentally corrupt, imperial government in D.C. does. And by the way, just to give you an idea of how perfectly amoral and depraved this criminal government is, our elected officials are now perfectly fine with infanticide. That’s literally where we are.

As to individual liberty, well that’s just comical. Sure, we enjoy a number of constitutional protections, because our Founders were brilliant men, but we also have the mass surveillance state, a rogue judiciary, a cop on every corner, we are terrified to speak openly on so many subjects for fear of losing our jobs and our reputations, and we seem to have ceded control of our own fate to a tyrannical government and invading hordes from the south and their offspring, etc. Americans increasingly do not feel free, and for good reason. Just ask them. They feel as if they are under siege from a vicious, parasitic, puritanical, authoritarian Cultural Marxist power class, because they are. This is not what the Founders intended.

The Cultural Marxist globohomo bankster class has enslaved us so thoroughly, that one wonders what our overlords are even serious about anymore, and what they do simply to mock and torment us.

They are like a sadistic slave-driver who makes his slaves hop from foot to foot, entertaining him, dancing and truckling for crumbs, with nary a shred of dignity. Get down and grovel before your pet minorities, you albino n*gger! Don’t want to? Get your pale, stale ass on the whipping post. Ok, now say that men are women. But men are not women! And now you get the whip, cracker! Now say AIPAC has no power. But AIPAC clearly has tremendous power. What are you an anti-semite? Crack goes the whip, goy! Don’t you know the American government only has the best intentions for Venezuela. Really, does it? Did it have only the best intentions for Iraq and Afghanistan and Vietnam and El Salvador? Crack crack crack, honky!

All good sense is verboten in contemporary America. Thought itself has been virtually completely subjugated to the illegitimate interests of the powerful. Consider the concept of “gender”, a hot topic in our times. Why is there even such a thing as gender, outside of the linguistic context? What does “gender” even mean? It’s basically how one thinks or feels about oneself, right? That’s all “identity” is after all. So if I feel like I’m a soccer ball that makes me one? If I believe I have a full head of hair, even though I am bald, that means I do? What purpose does this term even serve? All it can really do is legitimize delusion, fantasy. There is your sex, namely what your chromosomes make you, and that is what you are. If your gender differs from what you actually are, biologically, you’re confused, delusional, nothing more. That seems quite clear. Thus all the term “gender” does do and can do is lend credence to delusion. Or worse, it makes one’s fantasies not just into legitimate claims, but into sacred truths that must be honored by others.

This is why I refuse to acknowledge this concept of gender as modern leftists define it. It’s a nonsense term, as far as I’m concerned. There is biological sex (objective reality) and then there is human thought (identity). I don’t feel any more compulsion to respect the thoughts and feelings of others regarding their “gender” than I do to respect the thoughts and feelings of others on any other subject. Oh, you feel socialism is a wise economic system? Good for you. Oh, you think colonialism is the cause of widespread poverty and violence in Sub-Saharan Africa? Touching. Your fatuous thoughts and vacuous feelers don’t matter that much to me, even if those thoughts and feelers concern something so holy as “gender identity”. The reeducation camps are calling my name.

All of that aside, why are we sharing a nation with people who hate us and want to put us in camps? Why should we have to? How can this possibly all end peacefully, and should we want it to? America is over, that much is clear. We can not vote ourselves out of the predicament we find ourselves in. The only discussion now should be about what comes next, after America, and how we get there. Boomercons are in total denial. These are people who will be waving their American flag around as they board the train to Nome, or wherever the reeducation camps might be located. It is insanity.

We should be talking about ways to minimize bloodshed, to dissolve this completely lost nation, with its rogue government, as peaceably as possible. We need to get off the couch and put on our yellow vests. Yet we’re not. All normiecons talk about is how they will shoot back when the time comes. Right, but when will the Red Brigade or government mercenaries be at your door? When whites are 30% of the population, or 10%? Of course, you might say this is all empty chatter from campus radicals, but it’s really not empty chatter. They are talking about putting you in camps, openly, publicly, proudly, and the sentiments of these students are common, everyday sentiments on the left now. They hate righties and whities. They hate us!

Miss Bennett likened these young, left-wing nutcases over at UCLA to “Nazis”. Now, I don’t wish to delve too far into the absurdity of calling these borderline communists “Nazis”, but let’s just say that the British Government put people in camps too, in the Anglo-Boer wars, and so did the Khmer Rouge and the Soviets, and by the way, so did our government, numerous times throughout history. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter all that much what we call these left-wingers. You can call them Fascists or Nazis, even though their totalitarian ideology is fundamentally different from Nazism/Fascism, or you can call them Neo-Bolsheviks, or white-haters, or radical Cultural Marxists (far more fitting terms), but the implications are the same, the conclusions identical. We need to get off the red, white and blue train. Now. The last stop is Nome, people.

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